The Best of Notable Quotables; December 25, 1989

Vol. Two; No. 26

Award For The Most Inane Comparison

"Thousands may have been gunned down in Beijing, but what about the millions of American kids whose lives are being ruined by an enormous failure of the country’s educational system...We can and we should agonize about the dead students in Beijing, but we’ve got a much bigger problem here at home."

-- John Chancellor’s commentary on NBC Nightly News, June 20.


"In a way, you might say that David Duke is the son of Willie Horton. Duke is more overt, of course, but he’s really just pushing the same buttons and sending the same coded messages that the Horton ads did so effectively for the Bush campaign last year." 

-- Reporter Judd Rose on ABC’s Prime Time Live, November 2.

"Will the military leaders there b embarrassed by this, will this be something like Kent State was for our military?"

-- CBS reporter Eric Engberg referring to China on Nightwatch, June 7.

"Like North, Castro has always portrayed foreign policy as an endless struggle between darkness and light, and the Fidels and Ollies of the world desperately need each other. ‘Great Satans,’ observes Hunter, [of the Center for Strategic and International Studies] ‘always come in pairs.’"

-- U.S. News & World Report Senior Writer Steven Roberts, April 17.