Climate Hypocrites and the Media that Love Them

The not-so-green habits of Hollywood gasbags

Cameron Diaz: Envying the Third World from the Comforts of Beverly Hills

Famous for: Actress (Charlie’s Angels, The Other Woman, Shrek)

Notable Quote: "Let me tell you about hybrid cars. I have one”

Diaz told Marie Claire in 2009 “The planet needs a publicist. I had this cartoon in my head a couple of years ago when Paris Hilton was going to jail and Britney Spears was falling apart. There’s a woman at a desk talking to planet Earth, and she’s like, ‘I’m going to make you a star!” And it says, ‘But I’m a planet. And she’s like “No, I can tell, you’re going to be bigger than Paris and Britney. When I’m done with you, everyone’s going to know who you are!”

As part of her faux-eco campaign, Diaz joined other celebrities in 2008 to make the MTV series Trippin’, which praised the planet’s most primitive lifestyles as being earth-friendly despite their high infant mortality rates and short life expectancies.

The 32-year-old Diaz, who earns a reported $20-million a movie, boasted that the cow-dung slathered walls of a Nepalese village hut were "beautiful" and "inspiring," and she called the primitive practice of "pounding mud" with sticks to construct a building foundation "the coolest thing."

"I am going to go pound some mud, baby! Mmm," Diaz said to the cameras. "It was the coolest thing to be a part of," she added. This was probably easier to say since it wasn’t necessary for her survival.

Despite the celebrities' praise for the primitive life, Trippin' showed them flying on multiple airplanes and chartering at least two helicopters and one boat to reach remote locations over the course of the first four episodes.

The series tried to explain the celebrities' use of pollution-generating planes and SUVs to get from one remote location to another by featuring a program note at the end of each show which stated: "To reduce global warming, Trippin' offset all of the energy used to make this show by supporting renewable energy products."

Yet, on January 11, 2007, meteorologist Sam Champion praised both Diaz and DiCaprio on ABC’s Good Morning America for “practicing what they preach” about climate change. He said this while promoting these and other celebrities eco-activists including Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Champion made sure to mention that Diaz “drives her own hybrid car” (a point Diaz herself brought up in her environmental PSA with Gwyneth Paltrow in 2001) as an example of her dedication to the cause.