Climate Hypocrites and the Media that Love Them

The not-so-green habits of Hollywood gasbags


Celebrities don’t like to be called out for hypocrisy. Avengers Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo scoffed when a reporter asked whether the lifestyle of some celebrities should disqualify them from being spokespeople “to fight global warming,” during the People’s Climate March in New York City in 2014.

“Oh brother. That is a question you shouldn’t be asking here today because that defies the spirit of what this is about,” Ruffalo said dismissively. Then he added something crucial: “The fact of the matter is Leonardo DiCaprio’s voice carries farther than anyone one of those politicians, even the president. And that is significant and he knows he has a responsibility to the people in the world to get this message out because he feels in his heart it is right.”

Ruffalo’s answer begs two very important questions: Why do some celebrities lecture average Americans on how they’re destroying the environment, while they spare no luxury for themselves? And why do the media continue to promote these celebrities and ignore their hypocrisy?

This report looks at 12 celebrities who are so disconnected from reality that they can’t see the hypocrisy in sitting in their big houses and condemning middle class Americans for driving too much, or for not switching their entire lifestyles to eco-friendly. These celebrities are worth a combined total of $1.9 billion, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

And yet, the news media love them. When DiCaprio stood in front of the UN and suggested taxing the fossil fuel industry out of existence, ABC’s Good Morning America called him “incredibly committed” and praised him for “advocating bold changes to tackle climate change” and for “not just talking the talk.”

Just three months earlier DiCaprio told the UN delegates that “if we do not act together, we will surely perish,” he had flown to South America on a private plane, to cruise around Brazil on the yacht of an Abu Dhabi oil billionaire. But Good Morning America didn’t mention this at all.

Variety praised actor Ian Somerhalder (Boone Carlyle from Lost) for his eco-foundation’s “laser-focused on environmental issues,” while he spent his time flying to exotic countries and his foundation only gave away one-thousandth of the money it got in donations. This doesn’t stop him for blaming average people for global warming.

The 12 celebrities chosen to highlight in this report are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Harrelson, Julia Roberts, James Cameron, Al Gore, Arianna Huffington, Ian Somerhalder, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz and John Travolta.

The media have used all of these celebrities to help promote their own climate alarmist agenda, while simply ignoring or glossing over any inconsistencies or contradictions. This report doesn’t focus on every single celebrity hypocrite. Instead, it looks at 12 whose lifestyles contradict their activism.

During the past six months of 2014 alone, ABC, CBS and NBC interviewed the celebrities highlighted in this report 25 times. Not once during any of these interviews did the networks suggest that the celebrities’ lavish lifestyles might disqualify them from lecturing others. Instead, they have referred to them as “incredibly committed,” “responsible” and praised them for “promoting the cause” of combatting climate change.

Climate of Hypocrisy: The Official Impact Rating

MRC Business rated each of these celebrities on a scale of one to five (five being the highest) to determine who was the most hypocritical. The higher the level of hypocrisy, the higher the rating.