Newsweek Dubs O'Donnell a Moral Absolutist

Magazine worries candidate's moral code is extremist, repellant to moderates

Bill Maher on Hardball: I Wish Obama Was More Like Jimmy Carter

Bill Maher was invited on Chris Matthews' Hardball show, on Tuesday night, to discuss his old guest panelist Christine O'Donnell's controversial statements about practicing witchcraft in high ...

Bill Maher Mocks the Archaic Times for Failing to Reproduce His Jokes

"They never report on me, even though it would seem they should, because people who would watch my show tend to be like the same people who would read The New York Times."

Maher: 'I'm Against a Church Anywhere'

Comedian says churches, synagogues, temples shouldn't be built to 'retell nonsense stories,' worship 'imaginary friend.'

Bill Maher Goes Out with Another Conspiracy: 'We Need a War All the Time So We Can...Buy Oil'

HBO's Bill Maher insisted "I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist," but then proceeded to assert the Defense Department "uses more oil than anywhere else to kill people in the Middle East to ...

Limbaugh Wedding Vicodin, Reagan Only 'Acted' Like a President, Maher Defends Palin But Yearns for More Gore

I watch HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher so you don't have to. The most-noteworthy vitriol from Friday night's show that I tweeted last night - seven quotes, in sequence, you can read in less than ...

Maher's Slimiest & Silliest: Bork a 'Racist,' BP Deliberately Not Stopping Leak, Limbaugh a Childish 'Fat Bully'

Collating my Friday night tweets on Bill Maher, my nominations for the slimiest, most paranoid and dumbest quotes from Maher on his HBO show, Real Time.

Emerging Anti-Tea Party Line: Lack of Opposition to Arizona Proves Racism and Hypocrisy

Comments on two Sunday shows reflected an emerging new liberal line of reasoning, which uses the lack of opposition to Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, as a means to discredit ...

Maher Insults Palin and Bachmann as MILFs: Morons I'd Like To Forget

Bill Maher and Chris Matthews, on Wednesday's Hardball, denigrated Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann as merely "attractive" women with very little smarts with the HBO host even going as far to use ...
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