CNN's 'Explainer' on Health Care Makes a Big Mistake

Whether on TV or the Web, network can't get number of uninsured correct.

Kudos to CNN: Sanchez Presses Jackson-Lee on Bizarre 'Doctored' Video Claim

On Thursday's Newsroom, CNN's Rick Sanchez pressed Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee about how, as a constituent was asking her a question at a health care town hall meeting, Jackson-Lee made a call on her ...

CNN Lets White House 'Fact Check' Anti-Obama Claims, But Gets It Wrong

CNN's Rick Sanchez on Tuesday asked Obama spokesperson (and former ABC and CBS reporter) Linda Douglass to reject as a "falsity" that the health care "public option" would include payments for ...

Lou Dobbs: Olbermann the 'Resident Moron' at MSNBC

CNN host and avowed 'independent' expresses frustration over left's efforts to marginalize health care opposition, play the race card.

White House Official Still Contradicts Obama's Statements on Health Care

Former ABC journalist Linda Douglass claims president's earlier comments about single-payer health care plan taken out of context.

Ex-CNN Reporter Denounces 'Organized Intimidation' By 'Crazed' ObamaCare Opponents

"What do you call a crazed group of people that disrupts a meeting on health care and hangs the congressman holding it in effigy?" Former CNN Washington correspondent Bob Franken, in a Friday blog ...

CNN Uses Pro-Communist American to Tout Cuban Health Care

On Thursday, CNN Newsroom aired a piece of communist propaganda about how Cuba could serve as "a model for health care reform" in the U.S., complete with an authoritative soundbite from an ...

Obama's Grades from CNN's 'Non-Partisan' Panel Match Liberals' High Marks

Three of CNN's supposedly non-partisan political analysts - Jeffrey Toobin, David Gergen, and Gloria Borger - gave President Obama high grades during the network's special on Obama's second 100 ...

CNN Exposes Government's Funny Math for Clunker Program

It turns out trucks and SUV, not small cars, are top 'clunker' buys.
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