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‘Laissez-Faire’ Media Mogul Refused to Meddle With His Outlets’ Ideology

Park Communications founder steered clear of interfering in ‘editorial viewpoints and content’ of media investments.
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4 Of 5 Top Papers Call For Federal Gas Tax Hike

National papers say it is ‘perfect’ time and an ‘obvious’ move to raise the gas tax, even as lower gas prices ‘stimulate economy.’
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WashPost Editorial Board Tears Into Obama’s Move on Cuba; ‘an Undeserved Bailout’

In the lead editorial for Thursday’s paper, the Washington Post blasted President Barack Obama’s decision to move toward normalized relations with the communist regime in Cuba as “naive” in ...
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USA Today Editorial Calls for Lower Corporate Taxes

Newspaper’s view says to keep companies here, ‘write a rational tax code.’
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NY Times Public Editor: Soft IRS, Benghazi Coverage Lends Credence to Conservative Criticism

Public editor Margaret Sullivan criticized her paper's soft coverage of the Obama scandals in Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service: "Many on the right -- as noted last week in my blog posts ...
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IRS Apologizes for Politically Motivated Tea Party Scrutiny Once Applauded By NY Times Editorial Page

The Times deemphasized the IRS scandal to focus on how the GOP would try to use it for political advantage: "...Republicans fanned out on the political talk shows on Sunday to express outrage ...

A Quintessential New York Times Headline: 'Why Taxes Have to Go Up'

Friday's lead editorial encapsulates the Times' approach to public policy in its headline: "Why Taxes Have to Go Up." The paper's arguments are geared toward class warfare: "To reduce the deficit ...

New York Times Blames GOP for Making Obama Violate Constitution: 'Republican Chicanery'

What gall. A Saturday New York Times editorial actually managed to blamed the Republican Party for forcing Obama to violate the constitution: "A Court Upholds Republican Chicanery." The Wall ...

New York Times: GOP Dwindling Collection of 'Angry,' 'Grumpy Old White Men'

The New York Times editorial board is hoping Republicans are "throwing out their old and failing playbook, seemingly written by and for a dwindling society of angry white men." Columnist Nicholas ...

Colorful NYT Editorial Lumps in Birthers With John McCain Criticizing Obama Administration

Wednesday's lead New York Times editorial, "Conspiracy World – Behind every nonpartisan institution, the right sees the malevolent hand of a liberal cabal," is at least more colorful than the ...
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