Times Editorial Page Pulls Out All the Stops for Desperate Democrats (and only Democrats)

For Election Day 2010 the Times beefs up its endorsements, going against its traditional metropolitan focus to endorse Sen. Barbara Boxer in California and Sen. Harry Reid in Nevada. The partisan ...

Times Devotes Entire Editorial Page to Attacking 'Pledge to America'

Is the Times scared? "The pledge takes the country backward - a place no one should want to go."

Times Again Blames Cab Driver Stabbing on Protesters Against Ground Zero Mosque

A Muslim cab driver is stabbed by a volunteer for a pro-mosque interfaith group, so the Times editorial page naturally blames the anti-mosque mob: "Already New Yorkers have seen a troubled young ...

Running Scared? A Sour Times Editorial Hits GOP 'Insurgents From the Far Right'

Running scared? A sour, factless Times editorial lashes out at conservatives for being conservative: "Republican insurgents from the far right did well in Tuesday's primaries. What their campaigns ...

The Times Gets Tautological with Tom DeLay

Huh? "Mr. DeLay, the Texas Republican who had been the House majority leader, crowed that he had been 'found innocent.' But many of Mr. DeLay's actions remain legal only because lawmakers have ...

Corporate Campaign Ads: Worse Than Animal Cruelty

The Times has defended the free speech in violent video games and animal cruelty videos, but draws the line at (gasp) campaign ads paid for by corporations.

The Times Predicts 'Bloody' Results After Gun Rights Victory

A Times editorial assures readers "the Supreme Court disregarded the plain words of the Second Amendment" in a court decision upholding an individual right to keep and bear arms, and predicts the ...

The Times Can't Stop Pushing Two Itsy-Bitsy Amnesty Marches

After two full stories on a grand total of nine protesters marching for amnesty for illegal immigrant students, the Times follows up with a pungent editorial on the same lame marches.

Editorial Page That Harps on 'Grave Threat' of Climate Change Accuses GOP of Fearmongering Terrorism

A Times editorial hypocritically accuses the GOP of fear-mongering the terror threat. What exactly does the Times think it's been saying about climate change for the last several years?

Nation's Leading Paper Says Democracy Imperiled by First Amendment Victory

Irony or hypocrisy? A lead editorial in the nation's premier newspaper condemns a free speech victory in the Supreme Court as a "radical decision, which strikes at the heart of democracy."
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