In Wake of Prop 8 Defeat, Times Reflects on Gay Marriage as 'Wedge Issue'

A federal judge's ruling against Prop 8, the 2008 voter initiative banning gay marriage in California, was the source of editorial joy: "...a stirring and eloquently reasoned denunciation of all ...

ABC Repeats Judge: Gay Marriage Opponents Driven by 'Fear'

Terry Moran celebrates 'string of victories' in court for same-sex marriage advocates.

Kevin Sack Writes About 'Heterosexist Language and Customs' in a News Story on Gay Weddings

Kevin Sack on the gay couple behind the online gay wedding planning mag Legally Wed: "The magazine includes a consumer guide to vendors who are practiced in avoiding heterosexist language and ...

Argentine Senator Compares Gay Marriage to Women's Suffrage

Reuters celebrates legalization with lopsided report.

The NYT's 'The Ethicist' Columnist Again Pushes Politics: Only Dishonorable People Oppose Gay Marriage?

"Ethicist" columnist Randy Cohen unleashes his leftism again, this time on opposition to gay marriage: "It is not only Jews who should repudiate anti-Semitism or African-Americans who should ...

Holden Thinks Leftist Screed '8' Is Just Great

Stephen Holden, the Times' most liberal movie critic. embraces the pro-gay screed "8: The Mormon Proposition," which blames the Church for the vote repealing court-imposed gay marriage in ...

WaPo Promotes Ted Olson's Anti-Prop 8 Efforts, Continues Gay Marriage Advocacy

As he 'crusades' for same-sex marriage, Olson is the kind of conservative the Post is happy to profile.

Post 'Conservative' Staffer Apologizes for Calling Traditional Marriage Proponents 'Bigots'

Weigel's Tweets show liberal bias, even as he attempts to defend them in 'Right Now' blog.

HuffPo Blogger: 'Our Close [Gay] Friends Might be Forced to Leave the Country'

Tamara McClintock Greenberg claims U.S. is far from being a dignified society.

NY Times Hailed as 'One of the Most Gay-Friendly Institutions in the World'

Former Newsweek Editor Charles Kaiser gushed on Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger: "Practically overnight, he transformed what had been a relentlessly homophobic place into one of the most ...
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