Bias by the Numbers: WaPo Giddy Over Gay Marriage

Paper's reporting on DC same-sex marriage ruling quotes supporters 10 times more than opponents.

No Rebuttals Against Gay Marriage in D.C.

Reporter Ian Urbina interviewed three happy gay couples, but no one opposed to gay marriage in the District of Columbia.

WaPo Celebrates Legalization of Gay Marriage in D.C.

Alexander and Marimow enthuse that the 'fight' for gay marriage has been won.

Talen: 'Making Marriage a Gated Community, is Tantamount to Violence'

HuffPo features article by Reverend Billy pushing for gay marriage.

A Rosie O'Donnell Indoctrination

Her HBO documentary "A Family Is a Family Is a Family" seems to argue that all families are equally valid, and a family is whatever Rosie O'Donnell wants to assemble around herself.

Gay Marriage Advocates Use Children as Campaign Props, Times Celebrates

Sure: "Kasey is 10 years old. When the New Jersey State Senate voted against same-sex marriage on Jan. 7, he was devastated."

Linda Greenhouse's Self-Righteous Stand on California's Gay-Marriage Ban

Former Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse lets down her liberal hair on in a column on California's Proposition 8 outlawing gay marriage: "Has anyone noticed that now that ...

Maddow's Peculiar Logic: Rove Shouldn't Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Due to Own Divorce

MSNBC host and proponent of gay marriage tries to use former Bush administration official's personal life to score political points.

Shock: Even Conservative Texans Can Separate Personal From Political

Reporter James McKinley Jr. is surprised to find that "conservative" Texans will actually vote for openly gay candidates.

Here's to the Losers: Times Celebrates Sobbing NYS Senators Supporting Gay Marriage

Reporter Michael Grynbaum quoted not one, not two, but six emotional New York State senators supporting gay marriage - in a vote that lost by a wide margin: "Ruth Hassell-Thompson was a young girl ...
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