Carol Costello: Republicans Fomented 'Fear and Confusion Among Voters'

CNN's Carol Costello reminisced enthusiastically about President Obama's inauguration a year ago on Tuesday's American Morning, highlighting how, at the time, "the hearts of millions of Americans ...

Congresswoman Claims to Have Asked Gore About Global Warming on 19-Degree Inauguration Day

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., warns about forthcoming cap-and-trade legislation and says earth is entering into a long-term global cooling stage.

NBC Historian: 28 Degrees, So It Must Be 'Global Warming'

Michael Beschloss ignores frigid temps, claims warming could be responsible for lack of snow.

Good Riddance to Bush's "Ideological Certainties," Says David Sanger

Reporter David Sanger used Obama's inaugural address to regret how Bush "went to war in the Middle East but rejected the shared sacrifice of conservation."

Obama's Very Name a Soothing Mantra in Difficult Times

Reporter turned editorialist Francis Clines: "The new president's name, simply his name, was just the restorative the enormous crowds needed." And a lead editorial takes cheap departing shots at ...

Obama's Open and Shut Approach to Access

Inauguration committee cuts deals to get $5 million from media outlets and squeezes out ordinary citizens.

Inauguration: Joy or Pain?

Pulpit Culprits: Mainstream Media Compares Inauguration to 'Spiritual' Event

Networks tout occasion as 'sacred,' calling incoming crowds, a 'pilgrimage.'

Inauguration Hypocrisy: NYT Chided Bush Gala, but Obamans Free to Party

What happened to the paper's 2005 anti-Bush criticism of a "lavish inaugural celebration in a time of war"?

Not Green: Obama Inauguration Will Generate More than Half-Billion Pounds of CO2

Study that includes planes, trains, automobiles and even horses shows it would take an average American house 57,598 years to produce same carbon footprint.
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