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Sarah Silverman Doodles Swastika for Fans, Has ‘Holocaust High’

Silverman shares swastika doodle with myriad of fans.
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Chris Matthews, Who Compared Conservatives to 'Nazis,' Howls Over Nazi Comparison for ObamaCare

Chris Matthews, who has repeatedly compared conservatives to Nazis, indignantly objected to a North Carolina state senator comparing ObamaCare to Nazism. Showing no self awareness, Matthews on ...
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Chris Matthews Compares NRA to Nazis, Decries Use of Nazi Comparisons

Apparently not even Chris Matthews listens to Chris Matthews. On Monday's Hardball, the liberal anchor compared the speeches at the National Rifle Association's 2013 convention to the Nazis. Three ...
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After Apologizing for 'Terrible' Hurricane Comment, Matthews Features Bill Maher for Hitler Jokes

On the same night he apologized for making a horribly inappropriate comment about Hurricane Sandy, Chris Matthews on Wednesday had Bill Maher on Hardball to compare Karl Rove and Republicans to ...

Fox News Highlights Nazi Signs in Wisconsin Pension Debate, Networks Skip Controversy

The network morning shows on Thursday failed to find any controversy in union protests from Wisconsin, ignoring the signs comparing Scott Walker, the state's Republican governor, to the Taliban, ...

A Golden State of Bias: Two Stories on Fiorina's Harmless 'Classic Campaign Gaffe,' None on Jerry Brown's Nazi Rant

The Times has devoted two stories to Republican Senate primary winner Carly Fiorina mocking Sen. Barbara Boxer's hair, but has yet to mention Jerry Brown comparing his Republican opponent for ...
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