The 'Deeply and Deceptively Interesting' Harry Reid - In Black Lyrca Stretch Pants

Adam Nagourney provides way too much information on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: "He does find time, at least twice a week, to slip on a pair of black Lycra stretch pants to do yoga with ...

Nicholas Kristof Plugs Obama-Care on CNN: 'We Will Look Back on It With Pride'

Liberal columnist Kristof plugs Obama-care on CNN, has no problem with secret negotiations: "when people talk to you, that means they're not serious. When they actually are quiet and they are ...

Times Bemoans 'More Republican Stalling' on Obama-Care

Reporter David Herszenhorn sounds impatient. Under the partisan-Democrat headline "Bypassing a Roadblock," he wrote, "But the clear will of Democratic leaders in Congress is not to deal with more ...

Quote of the Day: Harry Reid's Bling?

David Herszenhorn sees Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's outsized Democratic majority as "a chain around Mr. Reid's neck..."

Times Headline on McCain Criticizing Obama: 'The Crankiness of the Defeated'

Has the Times anger at Republicans for blocking Obama-care reduced them to making old-man jokes?

Times Puts "Calm" Conservative Opponent of Obama-Care on Front Page

Surprise: Reporter Kevin Sack treated conservative concerns about health-care rationing with respect.
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