Krugman Calls for Second Stimulus, Suggests 'Environmental Policies' to 'Change Things'

Liberal New York Times Columnist tells CNBC Asia inflation not a threat, another stimulus should be green-lighted.

Baring the NEA's Waste of Stimulus Money

National Endowment for the Arts stimulus money creates controversy.

Year Ago GDP Jump 'Disappointing'; This Year Negative GDP: 'Whole Lot Brighter,' ABC Credits 'Stimulus'

A year ago, when GDP rose 1.9%, CBS centered a story around the "disappointing" news while ABC and NBC ignored it. But Friday night, Katie Couric crowed a 1% Q2 decline means the "glimmer of hope ...

Just As Intended

'The Big Lie' and the gullible press.

Krugman on Colbert: Bushies Were Stupid, Crazy

Columnist Paul Krugman on The Colbert Report: "[People in the White House] understand what the problems of the economy are. You know, as I say, they're not stupid, they're not crazy, which is a ...

Liberals pass the bills, ordinary voters pay them

Media support spiraling cost of Obama's goal to remake America.

Is Obama Not Spending Enough on the Poor?

Liberal reporter Eric Eckholm pushes another left-wing study exaggerating the fragility of the "fraying" safety net.

Second-Guessed: CNBC's Harwood Suggests Tax Cuts May Have Been More Stimulative

Network's D.C. correspondent faults administration for slow stimulus disbursement; says 'now is their time to prove themselves.'

Obama, Media Likely Wrong on 2009 Job Figures ... By May

Finding the 'glass half full,' nets and newspapers find good news about job loss, ignore failure of stimulus to halt rising unemployment.
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