Santelli, Kudlow: Obama-Style Bailout/Keynesian Economics Not Working

CNBC personalities explain $787-billion stimulus not implemented correctly and only creating 70 cents of GDP for every dollar.

Book Highlights Economic Recovery Without Government Help

'No Thank You, Mr. President': Elkhart County not a victim, but an example of triumph

Obama Wants $50 Billion more for Stimulus, Networks Nearly Silent

Broadcast news devotes 38 times more coverage to World Cup than presidential push to bailout police, firemen, teachers.

David Leonhardt Stubbornly Pushes for Still More 'Stimulus'

Hooray, hooray, more "stimulus" on the way, says economics writer David Leonhardt: "If there was any doubt that the government could put people to work, at least temporarily, last year's $787 ...

Biden's Job Prediction Falls 5.2 Million Short of Obama's Promise

VP claims 1.4 million jobs as victory, 'trouble in paradise' for GOP.

USA Today Says Taxes are Low, Downplays Temporary Nature of Tax Cuts, Credits

Newspaper's analysis finds lowest level of taxes 'since 1950,' uses it to undermine Tea Party complaints.

CNBC Debate: Liesman, Santelli Argue Whether U.S. Is Headed for European Socialism

Senior economic reporter says federal expenditures like TARP and the stimulus won't be repeated.

The Joe Scarborough Stimulus: $2 Trillion on Light-Rail and Energy Development

MSNBC host voices disapproval of 2009 stimulus bill, but argues he would have doubled down if it were spent as he saw fit.

NYT's Main Economic Writer Reverses Himself on Obama's Tax-Cut Pledge for Earners Under $250K

David Leonhardt, who supported Obama's pledge to cut taxes for those making under $250,000 in the name of fighting "inequality," today admits your taxes will have to go up "however much you make."

Jackie Calmes: No Reputable Economist Would Deny Success of Obama 'Stimulus'

Reporter Jackie Calmes is still adamant on the success of Obama's "stimulus" package: "The argument of whether or not the stimulus worked is a mostly political one. I mean, you can hardly find an ...
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