With Job Growth at Zero, Calmes Still Insists Obama's 'Stimulus' Worked

Reporter Jackie Calmes, still cheerleading for Obama's "economic stimulus" plan: "Nonpartisan analysts and the Congressional Budget Office have credited the first stimulus package with helping to ...

NBC's Guthrie Urges Obama 'Go for Broke' with New Stimulus

In an interview with former press secretary and current Obama campaign advisor Robert Gibbs on Sunday's Meet the Press, substitute host Savannah Guthrie pushed the President from the left: "If the ...

CNN Welcomes a Forbes Columnist's Call for 'Enormous Stimulus Program'

On Thursday, Forbes's Robert Lenzner claimed the U.S. needs a second stimulus, and CNN's financial gurus Richard Quest and Ali Velshi were content to leave him with his point. Velshi even ...

Yahoo! Editor on Economy: GOP Wants to 'Blow Stuff Up' to Win in 2012

Latest conspiracy theory about Republicans contends they support economic sabotage.

Obama Ignores Unemployment Rise to 9.1%, Job Gains of only 54,000

ABC's Jake Tapper notices president's 'non-acknowledgment' of June 3 jobs report.

ABC's Amanpour Chafes Over Focus on Debt, Pushes for 'Another Stimulus' Big Spending Bill

Looking at government as the best job creator, on Sunday's This Week ABC's Christiane Amanpour pushed her guests to agree the stagnant economy and growing unemployment argue for less concern about ...

NBC: Stimulus Started Economic 'Healing,' Auto Bailout Was a 'Gutsy Call' by Obama

An otherwise straightforward report on bad economic news on Friday's NBC Today cited economist Diane Swonk, who argued government stimulus prevented things from getting worse: "We basically had a ...

April Unemployment Back Up to 9%; 27th Month Above 8%

Despite 244,000 jobs gained in April, national unemployment rate has been higher than promised since February 2009.

Stimulus Two Years Later, Networks Ignore Obama's Failed Job Promise

Eight percent unemployment prediction rarely made broadcast evening news.

Just Say No to State Bailouts

The government will not put itself on austerity, only the people can force it to.
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