ABC's Moran Shares Frustration Public Doesn't Appreciate 'Stimulus' Benefits

Hosting Sunday's This Week on ABC, Terry Moran noted during the past week the Obama administration "fanned out across the country" to trumpet how "the stimulus worked," yet President Obama ...

Lefties (and the White House) Gush Over David Leonhardt's Stimulus Defense

David Leonhardt, the Times conscience on economics issues, celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Obama stimulus while attacking "hard-core skeptics" and pushing for yet another stimulus." The ...

ABC, CBS and NBC Verdict: Obama's 'Stimulus' a Success, CBS Frets Public Refuses to See It

On the one-year anniversary of the "stimulus" spending bill, ABC, CBS and NBC eagerly corroborated White House claims about how it "saved or created" many jobs, though they all offered a range of ...

CBS's Smith Spends 'Quality Time' With Joe Biden; Helps Sell Stimulus 'Success'

On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith teased an interview with the Vice President: "We got a great chance yesterday to spend some quality time with Vice President Joe Biden. He's got ...

Unopposed on CNN, DNC Chair Defends Stimulus on Anniversary

'American Morning' brings on Kaine, no challenger to discuss effectiveness of the stimulus package.

Bias By the Numbers: Networks Celebrate Year of Strong Stimulus Support

ABC, CBS, NBC cite supporters of $787 billion bill nearly three times as often as critics.

$787 Billion Reasons Why Journalists Love the Stimulus

One year later, ABC, NBC and CBS still have a crush on Obama's overspending.

CNN Seeks Out Stimulus 'Believer' Cited by President Obama

On Saturday's Newsroom, CNN's Don Lemon deferentially took President Obama's advice and interviewed a stimulus "skeptic" turned "believer," whom the Democrat cited as an example of the success of ...
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