ABC Champions White House's 'Greatest Hits of the Stimulus Program,' Sawyer Trumpets 'We Have the List!'

ABC whored itself out Thursday night to an effort by the White House to prove its "stimulus" spending created a lot of jobs. "Still ahead on World News," an easily impressed Diane Sawyer hyped, ...

Media Seek Silver Linings in Economic Storm Clouds

Despite worrisome reports on jobs, GDP, housing and other sectors, reporters continue to spin bad news for Obama.

CBS's Smith Pressures GOP to Sign On to 'Obama's New Deal'

On Tuesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith touted President Obama's economic proposals and portrayed Republicans as obstructionist: "Obama's new plan. The President proposes to spend $50 ...

But Wait, There's More! Time Magazine's Stimulus Pitchman

Reporter Michael Grunwald touts long-term benefits of stimulus using White House sales pitch.

How Convenient: CBS Asks Pro-Stimulus Economist to Rate the Stimulus

On Thursday's Early Show, CBS invited pro-stimulus economist Mark Zandi to rate the effectiveness of Obama's $862 billion stimulus. "The recession ended about a year ago, in large part because of ...

CNN's Velshi Gushes Over Obama Administration's Green Energy Push

CNN's Ali Velshi enthusiastically touted the Obama administration's promotion of "alternative energy" on Tuesday's Newsroom, and advanced the idea that the field would become a major economic ...

Journalists Still Hiding Obama's Broken Promises on Jobs

White House made lots of claims about stimulus, including up to 3.6 million private-sector jobs. So far, they are 5.3 million jobs short.

ABC Highlights Stimulus Waste: Funding Cocaine for Monkeys; Will Other Networks Cover?

Good Morning America's Jon Karl on Tuesday highlighted a new report by two Republican senators on extreme examples of waste in the stimulus bill. Karl rattled off some eye catching data: "$71,000 ... Touts Liberal-Authored Paper as Evidence of Stimulus Success

Being a liberal economis means never having to say you were wrong.

AP Touts Stimulus in German Recovery, Ignores Tax Cuts

Newswire cites 'various government measures,' fails to mention lower tax rates.
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