ABC Labels Potential Activist Obama Court Pick a 'Centrist'

New video has surfaced of possible Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor remarking that the courts are the place "where policy is made." Sotomayor, who is a federal judge on the U.S. Court of ...

Linda Greenhouse Lavishes More Love on a Liberal Justice

The former Supreme Court reporter comes out of retirement to glorify yet another liberal Justice, the retiring David Souter.

More Myth-Making of the "Pragmatist" Obama

Times reporters like Jodi Kantor continue to push the soothing idea that President Obama won't appoint liberals to the Supreme Court, just "pragmatists" like him.

"Gruff...Rambling" Conservative Justice Thomas vs. "Energetic...Precise" Ginsburg

Unbalanced views of public appearances by two Supreme Court justices, one conservative, the other liberal.

False "Moderation" from Legal Reporter Neil Lewis

With the first judicial pick of the Obama administration, the Times carries on its tradition of calling liberal judges (like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) "moderate."

Neil Lewis's Reporting on Court Packed With Bias

Neil Lewis's latest slanted story on "conservative" judges vs. Obama's non-ideological ones: Conservatives want to "roll back affirmative action" and are "restrictive of abortion rights" and "less ...

Robert Pear Revs Up the Wayback Machine

Pear calls Lilly Ledbetter the Democratic "answer" to Joe the Plumber - but she preceded him in the campaign spotlight by several months.

Potty Mouths OK for TV but Not for the Supreme Court

As profanity explodes on television, lawyers arguing a broadcast decency case before the High Court are using euphemisms.

WaPo/Newsweek 'On Faith' Editor Smears Dobson, Focus on the Family

David Waters accuses the Christian ministry of fear-mongering in a letter warning of the possible consequences of electing Obama.

Olbermann Distorts Limbaugh's Obama Critique as Pro-Slavery

Conservative talk show host says Democratic presidential candidate rejected constitution for lack of redistributive powers, not for race reasons.
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