Life Savers vs. Gun Nuts

Nets react sourly to the Supreme Court decision finding that individual Americans have the right to keep and bear firearms.

Battlefield 'Habeas Corpus'

The Supreme Court's decision granting rights to enemy combatants will make life for our soldiers much tougher. For the enemy, combat may become even deadlier.

Stark Contrast on Supreme Court: McCain's Conservative "Fealty" vs. Smart Obama's Non-Ideological Picks

In Neil Lewis's world, John McCain will be forced to pay "fealty" to the "conservative faithful" by appointing staunch conservative justices, while Barack Obama, with his "long and deep interest ...

"Conservative" Supreme Court Spooked by Public Backlash?

"Perhaps the conservative justices were taken aback by the public response to the Lilly Ledbetter case, a 5-to-4 decision in an employment discrimination case last term that placed a tight time ...

Ouch! Greenhouse Winces at "Splintered" Court Decisions

A voter ID law in Indiana that Linda Greenhouse found "objectionable" was upheld by the Supreme Court 6-3, in what she called a "splintered" decision. But what about close rulings she approves of?

Joe Lieberman's "Lurch to the Right"?

A strangely hostile John Broder claims Lieberman "could become the first person to lose the vice presidency on both major party tickets."

Liberal Justice John Paul Stevens' "Remarkable Journey" to Oppose Death Penalty

Retiring Supreme Court reporter bids a fond farewell of sorts to liberal Justice John Paul Stevens for renouncing the death penalty as unconstitutional - ignoring the clear meaning of the Fifth ...

Oh, Those Naughty Broadcasters

NBC pokes its finger in the FCC's eye, and Fox says 'No' to paying fine.

With Ignorant Gun-Control Editorial, Times Plugs Itself in the Foot

The Times' ignorance and naivete shows in a pro-gun control editorial: If the D.C. gun law is so great, why does the city have one of the nation's highest crime rates? And if gun regulations are ...

Keeping 'Pigs' Out of Your Parlor

The Supreme Court will rule on fleeting expletives and broadcast indecency.
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