Supreme Labeling Imbalance: Still No Liberals to Be Found

Patrick Healy's piece on the future of the Supreme Court is actually a sharp improvement over a previous Times story that labeled "conservatives" on 18 occasions and liberals not once.

Supreme Confusion on Palin and the "Right to Privacy"

In Timesland, "privacy" = abortion: "Ms. Palin did not say how she could believe in a right to privacy and oppose Roe v. Wade."

Greenhouse: Justice's Ruling on "So-Called" Partial-Birth Abortion "Patronizing" to Women

Greenhouse finds Justice Kennedy's jurisprudence sexist when it uphelds a ban on a gruesome abortion procedure - but likes it when it upholds gay rights.

DC Flouts Supreme Court on Guns, as Washington Post Advised

Progressive values trump Constitutional rights in certain journalistic circles.

Linda Greenhouse Retires With Parting Shot at Robert Bork

Linda Greenhouse thinks Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats gave Bork a fair shake during his confirmation hearings: "I thought then and think now that the debate had been both fair and ...

Unconstitutional Ignorance on the Editorial Page

The same court which last week held up a vital civil liberty - individual gun ownership - is accused of "stripping away civil liberties" in today's lead editorial.

CBS Lashes Out at Pro-Gun Rights Ruling

A Sunday Morning reporter confronts the lawyer who won the Supreme Court case, and a commentator blasts the decision.

Celebrating the Second on the Fourth

America's Founding Fathers sharply disagree with opponents of the right to keep and bear arms. Just read the quotations.

CMI Urges Media Not to Fire from the Hip on Gun Ruling

Will journalists pack their stories with anti-gun zealots, or report the story with objectivity and balance?

Hating the Supreme Court's Gun-Rights Ruling

The Times uses a misleading stat to bolster its bad argument: "Thirty-thousand Americans are killed by guns every year - on the job, walking to school, at the shopping mall. The Supreme Court on ...
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