Network Double Standard: Obama's TSA Gropers vs. Bush's NSA Eavesdroppers

While the broadcast networks have generally empathized with the distress of airline passengers over TSA's intrusive airport searches, they have not impugned the Obama administration as launching a ...

Editorial Page That Harps on 'Grave Threat' of Climate Change Accuses GOP of Fearmongering Terrorism

A Times editorial hypocritically accuses the GOP of fear-mongering the terror threat. What exactly does the Times think it's been saying about climate change for the last several years?

Dowd Dares You to Enter 'The Gargoyled Gates of Cheneyville'

Cheney-obsessed columnist Maureen Dowd predicts Liz Cheney's website will "have all kinds of fun reading, like memos by Bush lawyers on enhanced interrogation. (Or, as it's more commonly known ...

Making Excuses for Obama's "Bind" in Closing Guantanamo Bay

Reporter Scott Shane makes excuses for President Obama's failure to fulfill his campaign pledge of closing the military prison at Guantanamo Bay: "To understand how hard it is proving for ...

Cheney's "Secret Counterterrorism Program" Not So Secret After All

On Sunday the Times hinted darkly about a "secret counterterrorism program" Dick Cheney concealed from Congress. Now the details are out - and it turns out the Times reported the program (killing ...

Times Sees War on Terror Through Obama's "Nuanced" Eyes

But Dick Cheney is an "absolutist": "In his rebuttal speech across town, former Vice President Dick Cheney in effect argued that absolutism in the defense of liberty was no vice."

Don't Worry, Dems - Pelosi Under No "Serious Threat" from Repubs on Waterboarding

Both Carl Hulse and John Harwood assure readers that Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands strong despite her desperate allegations aginst the C.I.A., claiming attacks from "polarizing opponents" ...

A "Brutal" Switch on C.I.A. Interrogation Semantics

The Times steps up the rhetoric to show its disapproval of the C.I.A.'s interrogation tactics against Al Qaeda terrorist suspects.

Harsh Al Qaeda Interrogation Blurred Difference Between Terrorists and U.S.?

Talking about the history of harsh interrogiation tactics, the Times is suddenly employing "Chinese Communists" as a pejorative and calling Communist Khmer Rouge genocidist Pol Pot a "despot." ...
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