Thomas Friedman on CNN: ClimateGate an 'Idiot Debate,' 'Nonsense'

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times dismissed the ClimateGate scandal during an interview on Thursday's Situation Room on CNN, labeling it "nonsense" and an "idiot debate." Anchor Wolf Blitzer ...

ABC Still Silent on ClimateGate, Touts 'Growing Scientific Evidence' on Warming

ABC's Good Morning America maintained its blackout on ClimateGate this weekend, even as Sunday's show previewed the Copenhagen climate summit. Reporter Clayton Sandell showcased two scientists, ...

ClimateGate Held Hostage: Day 13

Evening news shows on NBC, CBS and ABC continue to give leaked e-mails between global warming alarmists the silent treatment.

12 Days, 3 Networks and No Mention of ClimateGate Scandal

Even as Copenhagen looms, broadcast news ignores e-mails suggesting warming alarmists 'manipulated' data, conspired to destroy information and thwarted peer reviews.

Nets That Touted 'Deniers' 'Conspiracy,' Now Mum on Left's Global Warming Distortions

So far, the broadcast networks haven't uttered a single word about revelations showing scientists on the left-wing side of the global warming debate plotting to hide data and silence those on the ...

NYT Tackles Damning Global Warming Emails, But Reveals Own Hypocrisy

NY Times environmental reporter Andrew Revkin on the trove of damning emails swiped from climate scientists: "The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private ...

NY Times Pushes Anti-Chamber Storyline for Resisting Climate Alarmism

Article trots out left-wing critics of organization president's opposition to 'impose a mandatory cap on greenhouse gas emissions.'

NBC Kicks Off Annual 'Green Week' with Primetime Climate Hype

While parent company GE invests heavily in green technology, lobbying government.

Chuck Norris: Obama Wants 'To Create a One World Order' at Copenhagen Climate Talks

Actor insists U.S. participation in global warming negotiations an attempt to 'to take our money and send it to third-world countries.'

Be Green, Use a Condom -- Dobbs Contends 'High-Bound Orthodoxies' Prevent Theory from Being Mainstream

CNN segment follows up on a story that suggests population control is more effective helping the environment than greenhouse gas reduction.
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