New York Times pro-Islamic Complaint Relies on Group That Got $7 Million from Soros

Only the politically correct media could think a film about the dangers of radical Islam would be controversial … in New York City, the city of the World Trade Center attack by radical Islamists.


But that's exactly the case, as The New York Times has written seven separate pieces - including an op-ed and an editorial - on the ''firestorm'' over the movie ''The Third Jihad.'' The editorial, headlined ''Hate Film,'' criticized the New York Police Department's ''decision to show a hate-filled film about Muslims to more than 1,400 city police officers.''


The paper cited the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University for its work gaining police documents. The Times even called out the Clarion Fund, which produced the video. Nowhere in any of the reporting, did the paper mention that the Brennan Center has received $7,591,129 from the George Soros-run Open Society Foundations.


But it goes into great depth attacking the Clarion Fund. Here's just a piece from one article:


''The 72-minute film was financed by the Clarion Fund, a nonprofit group whose board includes a former Central Intelligence Agency official and a deputy defense secretary for President Ronald Reagan. Its previous documentary attacking Muslims' 'war on the West' attracted support from the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a major supporter of Israel who has helped reshape the Republican presidential primary by pouring millions of dollars into a so-called super PAC that backs Newt Gingrich.''


But again, not a word about the Soros foundation support for the Brennan Center.


This isn't the first time Soros foundations have advocated for Islamic causes. Soros's Open Society Foundations have funded and hosted events that promote similar ideas. Their ''At Home in Europe Project'' explored Muslim integration in cities across Europe. ''As a result of the attacks in New York, Madrid, and London, Muslim communities in Europe today are under heightened scrutiny. Yet, there is also increasing acknowledgment of the prejudice Muslims experience and the social and economic disadvantages they suffered.''


The Soros-funded Social Science Research Council was also one of the groups behind a new course on Islam designed for journalists which tries to minimize the impact and importance of ''jihad'' by comparing it to the number of murders in America each year.