Dan Kennedy

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I Am Not an Ideologue

But the president really is imprisoned by ideology, and that's good news.

Obama Points out Obscene Profits, but the Eye is Catching up to the Hand

The mediocre magician tries to distract us from his real act.

Truth in Advertising

If only the Federal Trade Commission would hold its boss to the same standards of veracity it demands from businesses.

Rich in Excuses

It's not my fault. It's not your fault. It's the new America.

Your Year-End Grade

When deciding what you deserve, be sure to use the Obama Curve.

Gifts Under The Tree

There's something for nearly everyone this gift-giving season.

Small Business vs. the Great Ozbama

A crash business course for the Community Organizer-in-Chief.

Small Business vs. the Great Ozbama

A crash business course for the Community Organizer-in-Chief.

Dr. Dean's Admitted Socialism

Socialists unmask themselves and the media pretend not to notice.

Hidden In Health Care Reform

What the media won't tell you about the Democrats' bills.

After Health Care Reform?

Why should Obama stop at healthcare? There are plenty more aspects of American lifehe can tax, regulate and confiscate.

16 Percent Unemployment or Worse, On Its Way

Think things are bad now? Wait until the government has its way with health care.

Then They Came for the Newspapers

Those looking for a media bailout are delusional if they believe they'll maintain independence.

Dumb and Dumber, By Choice

Americans are ignorant, and Obama is counting on it.

Liberals Come Up Against Reality

Obama, Franken et al are finding out that, Nobel Committee aside, reality demands more than rhetoric.


If it weren't so tragic, the Obama presidency would be hilarious.

Al Gore's Hand in Your Pocket

Government gambles with taxpayer money it doesn't have on a car that may never sell.

It Has Come to This

Get Everything. Pay Nothing. The sign of our times.

Where Is The Real Crisis?

Learning from cash-for-clunkers.

Bread 'n' Circuses

Looking past Obama's song 'n' dance.