Dan Kennedy

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Obama Opposite Speak and NY's 'Millionaires' Tax'

The talking heads rarely tell you the real news.

Big Government in an Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Bikini

The nanny state waxes huge.

Michelle to Young Girls: Aim for Vacuous Celebrity, Not Useful Productivity

The first lady sends a signal about what she considers acceptable ambition.

Pants On Fire

Obama's big 5 percent lie.

But What If The Rich Refuse To Be Eaten?

Between bites of Kobe beef burger, President Obama has decided to eat the rich no matter the damage to the economy.

A Letter from a Working Person

Dear Chris Matthews, build your own business and see if it feels like work.

Mr. President, Oprah's got the Right Idea

A modest proposal for the Detroit debtors.

Stimulus and Spending: Synonyms Not

Someone get the leader of the free world and his media pals a thesaurus.

Finally, Good News About The Economy

Economic natural selection would doom lawyers, Congress and other 'non-essential' entities.

Where Have All the Tough Guys Gone?

A couple of old men remind us of the missing ingredient for a strong society.

Bailout Bait 'n' Switch

We buy one bill of goods. Washington delivers another.

News I'd Like To See

Here are a few stories that would make turning on the news a lot more pleasant.

The Kidnapping of Santa Claus

A system that rewards failure cannot right itself.

Are We Crazy? Starting a Business NOW?

The first sprouts of the new American economy are already breaking through the snow.

Make 2009 the 'Year of Useful'

A resolution for the news media.

'Lost' In America

In 2008, we've lost a lot more than mere wealth.

Will 'The Secret Millionaire' Arrive At Your Door?

Not if you're sitting around waiting for him.

Journalists are MIA on Bailouts

Real reporting would give taxpayers details, perspective on automakers and government.

Politicians, Journalists Have Eyes On The Wrong Ball

Portrayal of AIG conference as 'wine, women and song' shows ignorance of business.