Dan Kennedy

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'Free' Our Political Language from Falsehood

It's time to demand truth-in-advertising about government give-aways.

Front Page to Back Page to No Page: the Outrage That Went Away

The administration arbitrarily and unaccountably closed auto dealerships, and the media quickly lost interest.

The Terrible Cost of Eating the Rich

When government bites the hand that feeds it, the hand just may bite back.

Obama's Big Slush Fund

The community organizer now has $800 billion in walking-around money.

Wealthy Americans Unholster Their Weapons

While Obama sells socialism, affluent citizens aren't buying.

Health Care Facts Not In Evidence

Lies and fallacies do not sound policy make.

Just As Intended

'The Big Lie' and the gullible press.

President OOPS-Bama

The unravelling of The Amazing Ozbama...

Obama's Climate of Fear

Real businesspeople are really afraid of what the president is doing to free enterprise.

On Health Care (and Everything Else), What is the American Way?

We should look to individuals for answers.

The Audacity of Speed

How much havoc can Obama wreak before our buyer's remorse catches up with him?

The Incredible Disappearing Nobel Prize-Winner

North Korea imprisons his employees, but Al Gore doesn't seem inconvenienced.

You Will Wear White, and You Will Like It

Our emerging dicatorship of clowns.

Can You Tell The Comedy From The News?

Who's funnier: the president or his straight men in the media?

The Trap Door Beneath His Throne

The legions of unemployed peasants will someday bring down our imperial president.

Is There Any Moral Obligation?

America is rapidly becoming a country without individual responsibility.

Balance The Budget? Mission Accomplished 4-20-09

Buying bulk office supplies and other strokes of genius.

The New Gospel of Less

It was pathetic when Jimmy Carter preached it, and it's pathetic now.

When 'Hope' Changes to 'Fear'

The president himself is 'stimulating' gun demand.