Dan Kennedy

Author Articles

Send the Beast to Weight-Watchers

Want to end the rage? Starve the government.

Never Let a Tragedy Go to Waste

If discourse is to blame for violence, ask why everyone is so mad.

Disappointed, Disaffected and Resurgent

Viewing Obama from the left, center and right.

Dear Mr. Buffett

If you think the rich should be taxed more, lead by example.

And You Thought We Had a President

Ignoring the message from the peasants, the king's procession heads to Asia.

Old News

We've been down these roads before, in lousy electric cars.

London Fog

The mother country offers a glimpse of our near future.

Local News That Shows us ObamaCare Writ Small

A Texas medical dispute lights the future of economic centralization.

Obama's Congress of Court Jesters

President plays his legislative jokers to accrue power to himself.

What We Have Here, Children, is a Failure to Communicate

Obama believes we're too dumb to appreciate him.

Mr. President, You Think WE Don't Get it. It's YOU Who Won't Get it

Obama, like Carter, bitterly resents the people he would lead.

A Lighthearted Look at Ideology vs. Reality

Real economics makes monkeys of Obama's assumptions.

We are Headed for 15 Percent Permanent Unemployment

Everything this president does kills jobs. Just ask White Castle.

Too Many Vacations? Let's be Thankful He's Out of the White House

We would all benefit if Obama went on a two-year holiday.

The Economy is at Cliff's Edge

We're looking into an abyss the media won't talk about and Obama won't do anything about.

Obama Criticism: Race Versus Reality

The same people that elected the president haven't recently discovered he's black; they have discovered he's untrustworthy.

The Obama Economy: Cash-out and Cover for Many Businesses

Even Mickey Mouse is playing Scrooge McDuck in this certainty-starved political economy.

Never Mind the Darkness, Obama Says it's Morning in America!

Can you feel us 'turning the corner' into the 'Summer of Recovery?' Me neither.

The Flight of the Money - Where Has It Gone?

Obama's policies terrify business community; capital is leaving, cash is being hoarded.

Facing Facts: Government is Still Less Efficient, More Incompetent Than the Private Sector

1984 Grace Commission found excess overhead, employment by government; today is no different as waste, corruption and fecklessness abound.