The Best of Notable Quotables; December 20, 1993

Vol. Six; No. 26

The “Enhanced Contribution” and “Investment” Award

“Forty-five minutes into budget director Leon Panetta’s briefing on the economy, it was clear that something was missing. After 12 years of Ronald Reagan’s voodoo economics and George Bush’s low-fat, decaffeinated, nondairy, sodium-free imitation voodoo economics, there was suddenly no ideology in the federal budget. Panetta talked like a cheerful, no-nonsense accountant trying to balance the books the hard way – honestly.”

– New York Daily News Washington Bureau Chief Lars-Erik Nelson, March 15 column.


“Doesn’t Clinton deserve some credit here for beginning to tackle the problem of getting people to pay taxes? I mean, for 12 years in this country, it’s become patriotic not to pay taxes, to avoid paying taxes. And Clinton at least is trying to turn that around. Why isn’t he getting more credit for that?”

Washington Post columnist and chief foreign correspondent Jim Hoagland on Washington Week in Review, June 18.

“Clinton has at least faced the facts squarely, which is more than his immediate predecessors ever did, and he is forthrightly taking the heat for the tax increases that serious deficit reduction demands. Simply to move the debate from whether the deficit should be tackled to how the red ink should be stemmed is the definition of courage in modern American politics. So give him that....Clinton’s economic plan deserves to be known as a new New Deal, and Congress should pass it quickly.”

Time Chief Political Correspondent Michael Kramer, March 1 issue.

“It’s one for one [tax hikes to spending cuts] and it’s gutsier than any Republican President has done in 12 years of feel-goodism. This is going to be politically courageous and you’re going to hear a lot of screaming.”

Newsweek reporter Eleanor Clift on The McLaughlin Group, February 13.

“I think regardless of what you think of the specifics of the program, the President deserved great, great credit for having the courage to come forward with a plan to deal responsibly with the deficit. Yes, there are flaws....But I think that Bill Clinton really set the nation on a new course last night in trying to deal responsibly with our problems, and make the tough choices.”

– NBC’s Lisa Myers on Today, February 18.