The Best of Notable Quotables; December 20, 1993

Vol. Six; No. 26

The Bernie Sanders Socialist Disneyland Award (for Sweden Envy)

“The free market. While the government helped build the trains and the roads to help bring the United States into the 20th century, the economic philosophy of this country has been laissez-faire. Germany and Japan, on the other hand, give industry broad government support. The Japanese government invests 58 percent more than the United States [government] in civilian research and development, Germany 42 percent. But American business has always fought a government-guided industrial strategy. They called it socialism. Now many are calling it 21st century economics.”

– Walter Cronkite on The Cronkite Report: Help Unwanted on The Discovery Channel, May 28.


“There is no mystery in how [the deficit] can be brought down...the U.S. simply has to choose from a menu of unpalatable options that include deeper cuts in defense spending, tougher controls on medical services, higher taxes on federal pensions, and a broad-based tax on energy or consumption, preferrably both. We know how to do this. Impose measures already commonplace in other industrialized countries. The weapons are there. It’s the will to use them that’s the problem.”

– NBC commentator John Chancellor, February 16 Nightly News.

“Here in France, they have created a child care system that would amaze most Americans. Every child in this country, from the richest family down to the poorest, gets a chance at the same high standard of day care, preschool, and health care. Not only is it free, or at low cost to everyone, but the quality is better than what most youngsters get in the United States....Next fall, Benjamin will be able to leave the [government nursery] and move on to the next stage of the French government’s child care system, the école maternelle, or preschool, which is totally free....There’s one in virtually every neighborhood in the country, and almost every single three-to five-year-old French child goes all day – for free.”

– CBS reporter Harold Dow on Street Stories, July 2.