The Best of Notable Quotables; December 20, 1993

Vol. Six; No. 26

What’s the Frequency Award (for Ratherisms)

Dan Rather: “Some days I say ‘Why is he [Clinton] doing that?’ or ‘Gosh, can he do it a little better?’ But it may be time to, sort of as you say, chill. We know when it comes to politics and governing, whatever you think of this President, whether you voted for him or not, he can hang – which is to say he can do it....”
Arsenio Hall: “See! See! Dan is deep, ain’t he? Dan in the Hood!...I thank you for being here. You’re a special guy. And I hope whatever you have is contagious.”

– Exchange from The Arsenio Hall Show, January 28.


“Mr. Clinton was about as relaxed as a pound of liver.”

– Dan Rather referring to his earlier interview with Clinton, January 20 CBS This Morning.

“Well, in Texas they have a saying: ‘That’s a good way for Momma to drive a Cadillac,’ which is a way of saying that if you play with one of these things, particularly if you are in a low-water area. I would say, Harry, this morning there must be lot of people who are in that let’s-have-another-cup-of-coffee-and-not-worry-about-it stage. And I agree with that. That’s the stage to be in.”

– Dan Rather with CBS This Morning co-host Harry Smith, as Hurricane Emily approached on August 30.

“If an American inauguration can’t bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye, if you don’t feel as corny as Kansas in August, maybe you need a jump-start and some vitamins.”

– Dan Rather during inauguration coverage, January 20.