The Best of Notable Quotables; December 21, 1992

Vol. Five; No. 26

Media Hero Award

“I’m nominating you for President of the United States and I’m going to quit my job and go to work for you.”

– Sam Donaldson to Mario Cuomo on the floor of the Democratic convention, quoted by the New York Daily News, July 13.


“By American presidential standards, Mikhail Gorbachev accomplished enough in his seven-year term to qualify for a bust on Mount Rushmore.”  

– NBC reporter Jim Maceda, December 25, 1991 Nightly News.

“When Steinem, now 57, pours a second cup of coffee and writes like she talks, there is no one more fascinating. The only comparable figure is Ralph Nader.”

Time Deputy Washington Bureau Chief Margaret Carlson on Gloria Steinem’s new book, Revolution from Within, January 20.

“It’s worth dying prematurely so you can hear somebody else do your eulogy if that somebody is Mario Cuomo.”

– Bill Moyers during CNN Democratic convention coverage, July 14.

Michael Kramer, Time: “He’s [Cuomo] incredibly smart. He’s the most interesting person to talk to that I’ve ever met in politics.”
Gail Collins, Newsday: “He is such a fascinating guy. He is everything, the most fascinating politician I’ve ever met.”
Joe Klein, New York magazine: “He’s one of the most fascinating people I’ve met, period. I mean, in life, period. He’s more fun to talk to than almost anybody.”

– Reporters on Mario Cuomo, January 9.