The Best of Notable Quotables; December 21, 1992

Vol. Five; No. 26

Quote of the Year

“Greenpeace, the public interest organization, believes that the Iraqi death toll, civilian and military, before and after the war, may be as high as 198,000. Allied military dead are counted in the low hundreds. The disparity is huge and somewhat embarrassing. And that’s commentary for this evening, Tom.”

– NBC commentator John Chancellor, March 12 Nightly News.


“Al Gore leaned against his orthopedic back pillow, drank bottled water and reflected on the human spirit and his newfound sense of self. How is it that the wooden-tongued policy wonk of 1988 has emerged as a spokesman for the inner child, an icon of the new manhood?...But when Vice President Dan Quayle derides Gore’s notions as ‘pretty bizarre stuff,’ he may not be aware that millions of people attend support groups every week in the U.S.”

Time Chicago reporter Elizabeth Taylor, October 12 issue.

“[Columbus] sailed just as Jews and Muslims were being expelled from Spain, the persecution of those peoples and the riches robbed from them paying for his small armada of ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, to set sail for new plunder. For Native Americans, the people who hardly felt discovered, Columbus’ landing commenced a Holocaust. There’s really no other word for the death delivered by settlers, as they scattered, enslaved, and obliterated Indian nations on their own sacred lands.”

– NBC weekend Today co-host Scott Simon, October 11.

“But for the simple folk of Uzbekistan, people like Kurban Manizayov, these are mind-wrenching times. Their simple wants were nicely cared for by the communists. But now they've been thrust into the hurly-burly world of market capitalism, and nobody even bothered to ask if it was all right.”

– CNN Moscow reporter Steve Hurst, August 31 World News.

Brant Clifton, Nicholas Damask, Andy Gabron, Steve Kaminski, Marian Kelley, Tim Lamer; 1992 Media Analysts
Jennifer Hardeback, Circulation Manager