Best of NQ 2015

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Media Coverage

In addition to discussions on numerous radio talk shows where hosts cited quotes or interviewed MRC representatives, the Best of NQ Awards issue has been highlighted by these outlets:




  • One America News Network's Tipping Point segment with Ken Shepherd on December 18. Video
  • Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends Saturday segment with Rich Noyes on December 19. Video.
  • Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg Show segment with Tim Graham on December 22. Video
  •'s Bias Bash posted December 28. Video commentary by Cal Thomas: "Top 5 worst examples of media bias in 2015"


  • Partial list (not including discussions by hosts without a guest): Interviews with MRC staff include appearances on WBAP (Dallas), KRC (Cincinnati), KPRZ (San Diego), WTMJ (Milwaukee), KFAB (Omaha), WPTF (Raleigh, NC), WQSC (Charleston, SC), WDEL (Wilmington, DE), KVOR (Colorado Springs), WWNC (Asheville, NC), WINA (Charlottesville, VA) and KBAR (Twin Falls, ID)

Harsh to the Huddled Masses Award


Katie Couric (59 points)

“I know you staunchly oppose President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. You’ve worked to block every legislative effort to allow undocumented immigrants to remain legally in this country. So, given the fact that your father immigrated here from Cuba, do you have any empathy for people who come here looking for a better way of life?”
Yahoo! News anchor Katie Couric to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in a June 29 interview.


Tom Llamas (48 points)

“Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby,’ that’s an offensive term? People find that hurtful....Look it up in the dictionary. It’s offensive!”
— ABC correspondent Tom Llamas to Donald Trump at an August 19 press conference, a clip of which was shown the next day on Good Morning America.

Al Hunt (42 points)

Clip of Donald Trump: “I don’t blame the Mexicans. I respect Mexico. I don’t blame the Mexican government. I just wish our people were smart. They’re really smart doing that. They’re sending them to us and we’re either putting them in jails, or letting them go free — which is even worse.”...
Bloomberg’s Al Hunt: “This is George Corley Wallace, 40 years later.”
— MSNBC’s Morning Joe, July 13.

Jorge Ramos (37 points)

“Let’s remember that Donald Trump is a creation of the Republican Party. The same ideas that other Republicans have espoused in the past, but only that he expresses them with more violence and in an extreme way.”
— Univision anchor Jorge Ramos on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, August 24.