Justice and Decency

The Obama administration can't be expected to notice that polls show that most Americans think they're too much sex, profanity, and violence on TV - and a majority support FCC fines to curb it.

Bozell Column: No Shutdown for Biased Media

After all of the hype and horror of network scare stories on a potential government shutdown, the entire fight looks like a war over who was splitting the pizza delivery bill...tip.

NBC's Naked Ambitions

A pilot "likely" be a fall series on NBC glamorizes the Playboy Club in Chicago in the Sixties - complete with actors being required by contract to be naked for NBC.

Bozell Column: The Failed Couric Experiment

For CBS, Katie Couric delivered only an ever-shrinking Nielsen rating. Couric didn't fail because she was the first female, but because she was such a blatant feminist and liberal activist.

Of Gods and Men

Catch the hauntingly beautiful film "Of Gods and Men," winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. "Schindler's List" was aimed at your heart; "Of Gods and Men" captures your soul.

Bozell Column: Obama's Libyan War

The hard left must be distraught. The media's gone limp for Obama on Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantantamo. And now they're pro-war in Libya.

The Atheist Mormon-Trashing Musical

The overgrown boys behind "South Park" bring their muck to Broadway to mock those deliciously delusional Mormons with all their "best" profanity and toilet humor - but they insist they see all ...

Bozell Column: Flunking the Citizenship Test

It's terrific that Newsweek is asking about whether Americans can pass our country's own citizenship test. But do journalists see building civic knowledge as an important part of their job?

Japan Just Not Funny

Everyone in public life should express horror and sorrow at Japan's disaster. But in recent years, the definition of public life has expanded dramatically with the rise of social and electronic ...

Bozell Column: NPR's Ridiculous Denials

There's nothing funnier than the NPR leadership claiming there's no liberal bias over there. It's clearly required for the brass to deny the reality of a left-wing tilt at every turn.
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