Doritos and Pepsi Mock God

In an ad mocking the Holy Eucharist, priests are shown lining up the faithful to receive Doritos and PepsiMax diet cola. Their church was sinking in popularity until Jesus was replaced by a ...

War In the Mideast - On Christians

We don't need a "Cosby Show" for Muslims - we need news networks who can report on the murder and persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.

Cultural Winners and Losers, 2010

The most depressing result was federal judges granting our television networks the right to employ the nastiest curse words in front of children at any hour.

Bozell Column: Fox News Makes You Stupid?

Beware pranksters disguised as pollsters trying to suggest Fox News viewers are dumber than most Americans. It is somehow "misinformed" if you don't support Obamanomics.

An Angry Anti-Christmas At School

Many of our schools have church-and-state sensitivity police with an alarming degree of Santaphobia. But some schools have no sensitivity to putting vicious anti-Christian propaganda on stage in ...

Bozell Column: The Year of Right Wing Terrorists?

MRC's Best of Notable Quotables collection underlines that the media are advancing some red-hot incendiary hatred of conservatives - like they are rhetorical enablers of violence, or even terrorists.

Exploiting the Teen Temptress

Studies find the trend is well-established - the marketing of teenaged temptresses for much older men. The TV networks are more likely to show female children in sexual activity than female adults.

Barbara Walters vs. Sarah Palin

The ABC diva pushed Palin as "scary" and uninformed - but offered the Obamas more promotinal goo on Thanksgiving night. To her credit, Palin pushed back.

The Diseases of Pornography

A 24-year-old man signs up for the porn business, and quickly contracts four sexually transmitted diseases - including the HIV virus. Where are the "safe sex" promoters?

Assange's Media Allies

Julian Assange, the radical mastermind of "WikiLeaks," is described by our media as an "idealist," even as he plots to paralyze our government's effectiveness with leaks. The media say it's not ...
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