Shock Art and 'Social Dignity'

How many times must we relive the foolishness of art curators being "shocked" that people don't like paying for art that attacks Jesus and Christians?

Bozell Column: Glorifying 'Great' Liberal Judges

CBS aired a thoroughly one-sided tribute to liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, while NPR celebrated the late ultraliberal Justice William Brennan.

Gender Benders Wage War on Sports

No one seems to have any courage to question the war on reality waged by "transgender" activists as they take their crusade for gender denial and self-mutilation to the world of school sports.

Bozell Column: Resisting the Bush Book

The media's hate-hate relationship with George W. Bush continued with the release of his memoir. ABC petulantly ignored it. CBS and NBC hammered him again on Hurricane Katrina.

The Vast Child-Fattening Conspiracy

The social libertines aren't permissive about everything. In San Francisco, they're banning Happy Meal toys because the food isn't healthy enough. Bake sales and Pepsi are under forceful attack.

Bozell Column: More of the Same in 2011

Liberals show no signs of moving to the center, and the liberal media will keep raining fire on the Tea Party and proposed spending cuts in the year to come.

Losing Your Head at the Supreme Court

If video-game makers have their way, the Constitution will protect the right of grade-school kids to graphically rip off the heads of people on Sony's PlayStation 3.

Bozell Column: Obama Failed to Communicate?

This has to be the most ridiculous spin to emerge to explain the Why the Republicans Massacred Us question: Obama didn't communicate his "accomplishments."

'Glee' and 'Gentlemen'

A sleazy photo shoot for GQ magazine backfired on Fox's "Glee," with even Katie Couric voting thumbs-down. But Lawrence O'Donnell said I started a "cult."
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