Good Christian Women Should Boo

ABC has not just one, but two pilots in development with the B-word in the title, including one about "Good Christian" women in Dallas.

Bozell Column: Yawning at Assassinated Troops

Two U.S. airmen were gunned down by a radical Muslim in Germany. Why are their lives less newsworthy than Charlie Sheen's antics or "Candid Camera in the Wilderness"?

Sex and Super Mario

A new game for the Nintendo Wii has simplistic graphics, but "adult" themes. The ad for "We Dare" has two men and two women spanking and stripping. They promise: "The more friends you invite to ...

Bozell Column: ABC Hates Budget 'Chain Saws'

ABC actually cartooned Sen. Rand Paul as a crazed maniac with a chain saw. It was presented as news, but it had all the markings of a negative ad cooked up in the video lab at the DNC.

Not Wrestling Girls

Feminists sniffed when Iowa high-school wrestler Joel Northrup refused to wrestle a girl at the state tournament because he believed in "treating the opposite gender with respect."

Bozell Column: The Media on Wisconsin? A Bad Joke

What incredible gall for the national media try to transform Wisconsin from conservative juggernaut to Egyptian dictatorship in a heartbeat. Their political imagination (or delusion) is just ...

Too Much Tolerance for Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is an anti-role model with a serious addiction problem. But to CBS and Warner Brothers, which produces his show "Two and a Half Men," Sheen is merely a cash cow to be milked.

Bozell Column: The Media's Budget Fantasy Land

Reporters letting Obama paint himself as Mr. Deep Cuts are showing they lack elementary mathematics or political-science skills, or they're simply practicing dishonest journalism.

More F-Bombs for Your i-Pod

After Cee-Lo mainstreamed his song "F-- You" into pop music, it had its intended effect. The pop star Pink now has her own version with her new single titled "F--in' Perfect." How creative. That's ...

Bozell Column: Planned Parenthood, Spiked

The networks haven't been interested in a pro-life group's video sting of Planned Parenthood. But in 1991, all three networks took their own hidden cameras into crisis pregnancy centers to expose ...
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