Bozell Column: NPR's Religion Double Standard

NPR said Juan Williams' comments about "Muslim garb" were a firing offense, but they can be as insulting as they want toward Christians, and no one gets punished.

Shock and Awful Art

Another tiresome rerun of taxpayer-funded blasphemy: Jesus in urine, Jesus in chocolate, and now Jesus in (homo)sexual ecstasy.

Bozell Column: Nearly Invisible Harry Reid

While reporters rush to report the latest "wacky" quote from Sharron Angle, the networks haven't lifted a finger to cover Harry Reid's cascade of rhetorical stumbles and outrages. Why is he absent ...

Parents vs. "Public Health"

Parents in D.C. were stunned to find their 12-year-olds were asked if they were "transgender," if they "would know where to get condoms," and if they used cocaine or heroin.

Bozell Column: Obama, Now Bashing Foreigners

Obama's now stooped to accusing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of being a tool of foreign operatives. He doesn't produce any evidence to make the charge; but since when has this stopped him?

Hollywood Bullies Against Bullying?

The new mobilization against teen bullying could have been a moment of national unity. Instead, a teen suicide tragedy offered too rich a rhetorical opportunity. It was not a suicide. It was a ...

Bozell Column: Conservatives, Forever On Trial

Democrats are losing badly. So why in the world does the tone of news coverage suggest all kinds of political problems for conservatives, as if they were the collapsing majority in this campaign?

Shame On Family Films?

Newsweek columnist Julia Baird denounced popular cartoons and family films for having too few female characters who are too beautiful and too small-waisted.

Obama: Not Rough Enough?

NBC-Universal's networks have been offering hundreds of minutes of free air time to President Obama - even as they badger him to get more negative about the Republicans.

Polymorphous Propaganda

The cable network TLC has gone from The Learning Channel to The Libertine Channel. Its new series "Sister Wives" promotes a polygamous Utah family with four wives - until the naughtiness wears off.
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