Sleazy Songs of Summer

Ever wonder what those teenagers are listening to while wearing those i-Pod earphones? Maybe you'd rather not know. You will be horrified.

The Media and the Mega-Mosque

Once again, the media have demonstrated that they feel their job is galloping to the rescue of Barack Obama, no matter how low he sinks in the polls - or how low they sink in the ratings advancing ...

Hugh Hefner's Deep Self-Love

Despite a new documentary hailing him as an "activist rebel," Hugh Hefner at 84 is not the envy of every red-blooded American male. He's just a threadbare satin cliche.

America On The Brink

Terence Jeffrey's new book is required reading for any conservative (and every conservative) who needs to know exactly what the Obama regime is trying to do to America.

Britain Trims Artistic Waste

The new coalition government in Britain has agreed on one target for spending cuts: arts spending. It would seem odd to deny hip replacements in favor of funding a nasty anti-Catholic ballet.

Newsweek, Still Devolving

The Washington Post Co. unloaded Newsweek for its market value: a $1 sale. They found a liberal owner who would maintain the disastrous liberal status quo.

Oliver Stone's Foot in Mouth Disease

When Oliver Stone addresses Adolf Hitler, he wants to "broaden" his reputation. He's a "Frankenstein," but U.S. and other corporations were the "Dr. Frankenstein." He's never met a truth he ...

JournoList Erodes Media Prestige

Liberal journalists in this crowd discredit the media, since they favor only discourse that "serves the people" -- meaning, a "debate" that advances the ball for socialism. Any other uncooperative ...

Hollywood Shocked as Family Films Flourish

It happens over and over again. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Nobody needs a graphing calculator. And still the "executives" are shocked when family films are the top-grossing films.

The NAACP Cries Racism

Trying to stay relevant in the era of a black president, the NAACP is now carrying water for the Obama political machine, finding racism in the Tea Party movement.
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