"God, Guns and Gays" Are "Wedge Issues" for Today's GOP

A Connecticut-based reporter highlights an upcoming Gingrich visit in snide fashion: "Newt Gingrich is to address a shrinking Connecticut Republican Party that has sworn off God, guns and gays as ...

Matthews: Nevermind 'Crazies' Like Limbaugh, Obama 'Wowed Us' with Sotomayor

Chris Matthews, on Tuesday's Hardball, couldn't contain his excitement over Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor: "It was a brilliant piece of couldn't have been done any better," and ...

Times Says Tea Parties "More About Group Therapy" and Anger Than Solutions

Liz Robbins dismisses the tea parties as a temper tantrum: "All of these tax day parties seemed less about revolution and more about group therapy" and "offered no solutions," just anger.

Newt on G20 Protests: 'The Media is Always Happy to Cover the Anarchic and Violent Left'

Former House Speaker criticizes press for giving more attention to London G20 protests and ignoring bigger taxpayer tea party protests.

Did Newt Invent Partisanship? The Times Thinks So

Who's to blame for excessive partisanship in D.C.? White House reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg points to "Gingrich, a veteran - and, some would say, the architect - of the hard-edged 90s." But what ...

GOP More to Blame for Partisanship

Mark Leibovich's story on the history of Washington partisanship failed to mention the left's attacks on Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, while hinting that Republicans might shoulder a bigger ...

A Tale of Two Medicare Reforms: Obama's Benign "Overhaul" vs. GOP's Scary "Big Cuts"

A lead story by Jeff Zeleny and John Harwood shows that the Times has lost its false fear of "big cuts" in Medicare when they're proposed by Barack Obama.

ABC's Sawyer: Huckabee's 'Heavy Handed' Ad Plays 'Religion Card'

Did Huckabee 'cross the line' with an ad calling himself a 'Christian Leader?'
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