Newt Mocks Bartiromo's 'Funny' Defense of the Liberal Media

During Wednesday night's presidential debate, Newt Gingrich could barely restrain his amusement as co-moderator Maria Bartiromo defended the liberal media's reporting of the economy.
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Occupier Outrages Omitted

Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Overlook Radicalism and Criminal Behavior at Occupy Wall Street Protests; Soundbites Favorable by 19-1

Gingrich Schools NBC's Curry on Liberal Media Obsession with Cain Controversy

Appearing on Monday's NBC Today, Newt Gingrich took co-host Ann Curry to task for grilling him on allegations against Herman Cain: "...when the news media goes and finds an anonymous report about ...

CBS: Extremism at 'Occupy' Protests Merely the 'Actions of a Few'

On Wednesday's Early Show, CBS's Erica Hill downplayed the instances of violence and bigotry found at Occupy Wall Street protests as simply "the actions of a few," after GOP presidential candidate ...

Unhinged Chris Matthews Fumes: Gingrich Is 'Demonic,' Speaks With a 'Forked Tongue'

Chris Matthews despises many conservatives, but saves some of his most vitriolic comments for Newt Gingrich. On Wednesday's Hardball, he slammed the Republican presidential candidate as "demonic."

CBS to Newt: The Tea Party, A 'Very Small Group,' Has Too Much Power

CBS's Erica Hill channeled the overblown worries of liberals about influence of the Tea Party on Thursday's Early Show, asking Newt Gingrich, "The Tea Party has really made some big inroads...But ...
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MRC Study: CNN's Tea Party Debate More Fair Than NBC News/Politico Hatchet Job

A review of the 54 total debate questions asked by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and the Politco's John Harris to the Republican candidates shows that 25 of them came from the left, ...

Cohen Smears Palin, Gingrich, Other 'Ideological Fellow Travelers' of Norway Mass Murderer

Roger Cohen smears Sarah Palin, shows his ignorance: "When Jared Loughner shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords this year in Tuscon [sic], Arizona - after Sarah Palin placed rifle sights over ...

ABC Chides Money-'Obsessed' Candidates' Fourth of July, Gushed Over Obama in 2007

Good Morning America's John Berman on Tuesday offered a condescending, dismissive take on how the money "obsessed" presidential candidates spent their Fourth of July. Yet, four years ago, the same ...
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Media Protecting "Food Stamp President" Obama By Ignoring Growing Food Stamp Crisis

MRC Study Finds Virtually No Coverage of Tragedy of 44 Million Americans On Government Food Assistance
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