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NBC Fears Colleges Becoming 'Islands of Intolerance' As MSNBC Cheers How Commencement Speakers 'Drop Like Flies'

While a Thursday article posted on celebrated college commencement speakers who "drop like flies" due to to "feisty campus dissent," on Friday's NBC Today, correspondent Peter Alexander ...
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Fast Food Workers Strike, Demand More Than Double Minimum Wage

Networks downplay extremism as left continues push for ‘living wage.’
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May Day Protests Erupt in Violence: NBC Ignores, ABC and CBS Skip Socialist Connection

NBC's Today on Thursday completely skipped the violence associated with May Day protests in Seattle. CBS This Morning and ABC's Good Morning America covered the riots briefly, but ignored the ...
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NYT Mag Cover Story Admires Stone-Throwing Palestinian Protests in a West Bank Village

The 8,000-word New York Times magazine cover by Ben Ehrenreich is an admiring profile of purportedly "non-violent" protests put on by the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. Among the striking ...
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New York Times Loves Local Left-Wing Protests Against Guns and Fracking (Featuring Yoko Ono)

Oh, no, frackers, it's Yoko Ono: The New York Times made much of two tiny local liberal protests over the weekend, one at a New York State gun show, the other in the state capital protesting ...
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Big Three Ignore Religious Freedom Rallies; CBS Played Up Dissenting Catholics' Protests

ABC, CBS, and NBC stayed true to their liberal slant and ignored the 164 rallies across the United States on Friday against the federal government's abortifacient/birth control mandate under ...

After Violent Attack by Anarchists, Times Strains to Note Occupy Protests 'Largely Devoid of Property Damage'

More downplaying of violence and vandalism of left-wing protests from the New York Times: "The demonstration, which, according to the police and witnesses, left in its path a trail of graffiti ...
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Times Covers a Dozen People in Silly Protest of Romney's Crate-Gate; Ignored Massive Pro-Life March

The New York Times found newsworthy a mocking protest against Mitt Romney by a “dozen people” representing the canine community, which apparently feels insulted by Mitt’s treatment of his ...
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Left, Obama Escalate War on Banks into Dangerous Territory

Media help liberals demonize so-called 'banksters' and put executives at risk.

'Largely Peaceful March' in Oakland? Times Again Downplays Occupy's Destruction

The Times conveniently blames "fringe protesters" for violence after an "orderly day" of marches. But just how "fringe" were the vandals and fire-setters?
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