Times Hails Anti-Prop 8 Protests as "Stonewall 2.0"

More flattering coverage of the "New Wave of Gay Rights Activists," with no mention of the dark side of the protests.

Coverage of May Day Immigration Rally Less Slanted, But Times Still Found "Fear"

Coverage of illegal immigration rallies, more balanced but still slanted: "...a cloud of fear has settled over immigrants who were worried that the rallies would lead to more sweeps."

Ignoring Al Sharpton's Threat to "Close Down" NYC

The Times left out the actual news from inflammatory Al's latest protest based on the acquittal of three police detectives in the shooting death of Sean Bell.

The "Heroic" Black Power Fists of the '68 Olympics

Radical chic in a front-page news story.

Times Totally Ignores Annual March for Life Wednesday

By contrast, the Washington Post makes room for a solid story on Page 3.

Muted Anti-Bush Protest on College Campus? Stop the Presses

News flash! Bush fails to get universal welcome on college campus!

Portraying Illegal Immigrants as Victims for May Day Amnesty Rallies

Julia Preston: "This May 1 there will be another round of rallies and marches, but this time immigrants will also be protesting a surge in deportations."

Saddam Who? Times Marks 4th Anniversary of "Fall of Baghdad"

Did U.S. forces topple a dictator or just wreck Iraq's capital city?

Whitewashing A Stalinist Anti-War Group

The Times waits until the tenth paragraph to identify the radical group ANSWER as the main sponsor of an anti-war rally, and then fails to identify the group's Communist affiliation.

Bozell to CNN Chairman Walton: Coverage of War Protests is Biased and Distorts Reality - Press Release - March 25, 2003 - Media Research Center

Bozell to CNN Chairman Walton: Coverage of War Protests is Biased and Distorts Reality
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