Paul Wilson

Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow in Culture and Media

Paul Wilson is in his third semester as an intern with the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute. He holds a Bachelor of Science in History from Christendom College, and is currently in graduate studies at the Catholic University of America, with an aim towards attaining a Master’s Degree in History.

Paul has worked with the Media Research Center for eight months, and has striven to bring his talents to the help the Media Research Center accomplish its mission. He shares his thoughts on the vital work of the Media Research Center:

“The Media Research Center is a beacon of truth in the world that has forgotten and indeed declared war on its very existence. The American media level a barrage of misinformation at their viewers, and the Media Research Center provides an effective and timely antidote to the liberal bias that pervades both reporting and entertainment media."

Paul’s articles have received attention from numerous major media outlets, including Time Magazine, The Washington Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Paul hopes to provide a strong voice in the pro-life and pro-family movement, and eventually seeks to enter the field of Catholic apologetics. He is the founder and editor of Gray Matters and is a regular contributor to the New Agora. He lives in Old Town Alexandria. You can contact him at

Author Articles
Media Research Center

Anti-Catholic Media Claim Paul Ryan is not Catholic Enough

Catholic doctrine suddendly of paramount importance to liberal journalists.
Media Research Center

The War on Chick-fil-A, College Football Edition

The war against Chick-fil-A, whose president dared to support traditional marriage, continues. This time, the battlefield is college football – specifically, Chick-fil-A’s sponsorship of two ...
Media Research Center

‘On Faith’ Writer Declares ‘What Catholics can Learn From the Quran’

Imagine if Post had written what Muslims could learn from Bible.
Media Research Center

HuffPo Attacks Family Research Council as ‘Hate Group’ Even After Shooting

Even after the shooting of a security guard at the Family Research Council, the Huffington Post can’t stop slamming the pro-family organization as a “hate group.”
Media Research Center

ABC, CBS, NBC Ignore Chick-fil-A Vandalism

Networks skip 3 destructive incidents on part of gay marriage advocates.
Media Research Center

More Media War On Food: Papa John’s CEO Roasted for Obamacare Comments

Colbert calls Schnatter’s pizza ‘Hot Turd Pie.’
Media Research Center

Kiss Off: Networks Spike Coverage of Chick-fil-A Kiss-in After Poor Turnout

ABC admits only 'hundreds’ attend lefty protest at restaurant locations.
Media Research Center

CBS Takes One Last Bite at Chick-fil-A

Highlights lesbian-created ‘Chick on Chick-fil-A’ sandwich to bash company.
Media Research Center

Media Combine Attacks on Chick-fil-A with Food Police Advocacy

CNN’s Piers Morgan: ‘You shouldn’t be going to Chick-fil-A just on health grounds.’
Media Research Center

CBS Evening News Ignores Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

ABC, NBC offer surprisingly fair coverage, while dismiss event as “rallying point for conservative pols.”
Media Research Center

Media Crusade Against Chick-Fil-A Continues

The manufactured controversy over Chick-Fil-A won’t be dying down anytime soon, if media figures get their way.
Media Research Center

JFK and Mitt: The Media’s Double Standard on Faith

Media defended Kennedy’s Catholicism, attacked Romney’s Mormonism.
Media Research Center

SFist Adopts Language of Westboro Baptist Church to Mock Death of Chick-fil-A Spokesman

Headline uses language of Westboro Baptist Church in order to mock death.
Media Research Center

Sports Media Launches Olympic-Sized Blitz from Left

Sportswriters advocate progressive Olympics, assault Republican politicians on air.
Media Research Center

Washington Express Publishes Misleading Ad by Dissident Catholic Group

Ad takes Pope’s remarks out of context, claims ‘abstinence has a high failure rate.’
Media Research Center

Huffington Post Mangles Bible to Bash Chick-fil-A

Satire piece uses faulty understanding of Good Book to mock Christians, company.
Media Research Center

MSNBC Host Pushes Rap Song Celebrating Death of Reagan

‘The Cycle’ host Toure tweets approval of Killer Mike’s ‘Reagan,’ which says, ‘Glad Reagan Dead.’
Media Research Center

Colbertian Studies: WaPo Highlights Academia’s Obsession with Comedian

Scholarly papers examine Colbert’s theology, philosophy, politics.
Media Research Center

HuffPo Mocks GOP Congresswoman, Mixing Video of Her with Movie Orgasm

Congresswoman celebrates the believed end of individual mandate, HuffPo cuts Meg Ryan scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally.’
Media Research Center

CNN Promotes Stripper’s Claim that Catholic Church 'Dirtier Than What Goes on in Strip Clubs'

Latest attack reflects media ongoing media bias against faith.