The Best of Notable Quotables; December 19, 1994

Vol. Seven; No. 26

Good Morning Morons Award

“You’re aligned to a party which owes many of its victories to the so-called religious right and other conservative extremists who are historically insensitive to minority concerns. That doesn’t bother you?”

Today co-host Bryant Gumbel to black Republican U. S. Rep.-elect J.C. Watts, November 9.


“In the wake of the somewhat new hostilities bred in the Reagan ‘80s, how do you assess the state of race relations in this country today?”

– Gumbel to National Urban League President Hugh Price, July 28.

“Let’s not debate his presidency, but his passing. As opposed to a man like Reagan, Nixon is, was highly regarded as a genuine statesman with a first-class mind.”

Today co-host Bryant Gumbel, April 26.

“What is it, do you think, government can do about this? If we declare that obesity is a disease, would that make any difference at all?”

CBS This Morning co-host Paula Zahn on a study marking one-third of Americans as obese, July 18.