The Best of Notable Quotables; December 19, 1994

Vol. Seven; No. 26

Which Way Is It?

Iran-Contra Report Castigates Reagan
Impeachment ‘Should Have Been Condiered,’ Prosecutor Says

Washington Post, January 19

Iran-Contra inquiry clears Reagan, Bush
Walsh alleges cover-up by top aides

Boston Globe, same day


“Stocks had their best performance in months this week, on news of sustained growth with negligible inflation, and the job picture is good as well. But does the President get credit? No.”

– ABC reporter Jack Smith, August 28 This Week with David Brinkley.


“The recovery of the 1990s does not seem to be translating into better living standards. Wages are generally flat, job creation last month slowed, and the new jobs are often low-pay, dead-end service jobs, roughly one-fifth of them with temporary agencies.”

– Jack Smith, same show, one week later.