The Best of Notable Quotables; December 19, 1994

Vol. Seven; No. 26

Nobody Here But Us Apolitical Observers Award

“A liberal bias? I don’t know what a liberal bias is. Do you mean we care about the poor, the sick, and the maimed? Do we care whether people are being shot every day on the streets of America? If that’s liberal, so be it. I think it’s everything that’s good in life – that we do care. And also for the solutions — we seek solutions and we do think that we are all responsible for what happens in this country.”

– UPI White House correspondent Helen Thomas on C-SPAN’s Journalists Roundtable, December 31, 1993.


“I won’t make any pretense that the American Agenda is totally neutral. We do take a position. And I think the public wants us now to take a position. If you give both sides and `Well, on the one hand this and on the other that’ – I think people kind of really want you to help direct their thinking on some issues.”

– ABC News reporter Carole Simpson on CNBC’s Equal Time, August 9.