The Best of Notable Quotables; December 19, 1994

Vol. Seven; No. 26

Media Hero Award

“It’s a big loss for the President. It’s a big loss for the Congress, and I think it’s a big loss for the country.”

– NBC reporter Lisa Myers on indictment of Dan Rostenkowski, May 25 Today.


“To his family, to his friends, he is not Rodney. They call him by his middle name, Glenn. He hurts inside. He’s changed outside. Slimmed down, his 210 pounds resembling those of a pro football wide receiver. He leads his family with serious focus.”

– Bernard Shaw anchoring a CNN special on Rodney King, Feb. 23.

“In an essay on turning 60, Steinem writes: ‘I’m looking forward to trading moderation for excess’ – which is good news. And there’s a precedent. In 1895 [Elizabeth Cady] Stanton finally published a book she had been planning for many years: a roaring attack on the Bible for its misogyny. The book was a best seller, the horrified suffrage association voted to censure her and to Stanton’s pleasure, ‘the clergy jumped parched peas on a hot shovel.’ She was 80. Now that’s a feminist.”

Newsweek General Editor Laura Shapiro reviewing Gloria Steinem’s Moving Beyond Words, June 20.