Media Cover Town Hall Outrage from Left, Calling it 'Orchestrated' and 'Not about Policy'

Broadcasters decry 'incitement to violence' from far right, say health care town halls are being shut down by 'fake grassroots.'

Snyderman, Douglass: Skepticism of ObamaCare's End-of-Life Counseling is 'Cruel'

Surprise! MSNBC's 'Dr. Nancy' and White House spokeswoman find common ground denouncing criticism of president's health plan.

CNBC Analyst Wary of Health Care Stocks; Knocks Obama's 'Hand-Picked Audience'

Steve Grasso of Stuart Frankel notes deck is stacked with Obama New Hampshire town hall meeting; points out double standard on health care debate.

Rude Matthews Bullies Conservative Guest Opposing ObamaCare

Boorish MSNBC 'Hardball' host attacks Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips.

Snyderman, Connolly Declare It Their Duty to 'Raise' Bar on ObamaCare Debate

MSNBC's 'Dr. Nancy' and Washington Post staff writer maintain it is 'incumbent upon' journalists to steer the dialogue of the health care discussion.

Boston Globe Rankled: 'Rockwellian Ideal...Replaced by Quarrelsome Masses Hollering'

Catching up with a front page Boston Globe story from late last week, the newspaper failed to limit its liberal laments, and belittling of conservatives, to the editorial page: "This summer, the ...

Ex-CNN Reporter Denounces 'Organized Intimidation' By 'Crazed' ObamaCare Opponents

"What do you call a crazed group of people that disrupts a meeting on health care and hangs the congressman holding it in effigy?" Former CNN Washington correspondent Bob Franken, in a Friday blog ...

Nets Disparage Protests: Getting 'Ugly' and 'Unruly,' Scold Limbaugh But Skip Pelosi

The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in near-unison on Friday night disparaged the anti-ObamaCare protests at town meetings as "unruly," "nasty" and "getting ugly," while CBS and NBC targeted ...

Olbermann Slams Centrist Dems as 'Dogs,' Uses Kennedy Illness for Guilt-Trip

On Monday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann delivered a "Special Comment" lambasting members of the Blue Dog Coalition. After reciting contributions received from the health care ...
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