ABC: Town Hall Wrath at ObamaCare 'Appears to Be Orchestrated'

ABC framed its Tuesday night story, on citizens using town hall forums held by Members of Congress to express opposition to ObamaCare, around undermining their credibility by asserting the ...

Contessa Brewer: Bible = Prop

MSNBC anchor bashes Bible and conservatives who dare question ObamaCare.

CBS Notices 'Voices of Protest' Against 'What They Call Government-Run Health Care'

Monday's CBS Evening News found time for a story on protesters, against liberal Democratic health plans, who confronted members of Congress at forums over the weekend, though reporter Wyatt ...

Washington Post Headline Encapsulates Press Corps Attitude

As the weekend ends, catching up with a Wednesday Washington Post article which encapsulated how journalists are revolted by conservative economic policy and upset at how an aversion to tax hikes ...

ABC's Stossel Slams Socialized Medicine, Finds Obama Expressed Interest in Single Payer System

On Friday's 20/20 on ABC, co-anchor John Stossel exposed the flaws in the Canadian and British government-run health care systems, and even showed viewers a clip of President Obama as he once ...

CNBC Goes into 'Crisis' Mode at Height of ObamaCare Debate

Network dedicates three-hour morning show 'Squawk Box' to discussing health care, adds accompanying 'crisis' coverage throughout the day.

Bad Polls for Obama; CBS Finds Bright Spots, NBC Skates Over Devastating Judgment

CBS and NBC released polls Wed. that illustrated how the public is moving against President Obama on health as his overall approval fell to its lowest-ever level. But while both conveyed the bad ...

ABC: The All-ObamaCare Network

'The View' allows Dr. Tim Johnson to promote government-run health plan.

Left Wing Journalist: If We Don't Get Socialized Health Care, Our 'System Isn't Functional'

The Nation's vanden Heuvel doesn't want to get 'caught up in conventional deficit' language.

Nets Advance Taxing Big Soda to Pay for ObamaCare

ABC and CBS on Monday night couldn't resist interjecting a plug for imposing a tax on soda to bring in revenue to pay for ObamaCare. ABC's Sharyn Alfonsi asserted "health officials seem to like ...
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